Spain is currently hosting the CBS Technology Fair. Through the program, many companies have unveiled their new products. Among them, TP-Link's router has become a topic of attraction for many. 

TP-Link has unveiled a prototype of its new router 'Archer AXE 200 Omni' at CES. However, at this year's CES, many companies made their routers public based on CXE connectivity. However, this router of TP-Link also attracted many. The reason is the 'movement technology' in it. According to the prototype shown by the company, this router will have 4 antennas.

These antennas are said to fold and open automatically according to the signal. This means that the antenna itself will be turned to the side from which the good signal comes to provide a new WiFi experience to the user. Of course, the question of how this router can work has made many people think. According to the company, this is a CXE router. It will support six GHz, five GHz and 2.4 GHz.

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