E-Ink Technology has proven its many applications in the field since its inception in 1997, including digital whiteboards, laptop displays, and personal accessories. The technology was officially introduced in the automotive sector at the recent CES 2022 in the United States. At CES, BMW showcased an e-ink vehicle exterior that can change its exterior color depending on the weather, road conditions or driver's mood.

At CES, this future feature e-ink used BMW IX Flow has only been demonstrated and will not go into production immediately. The electrophoretic coloring material used in this vehicle works much like the e-ink display on Amazon's Kindle Slate. These substances contain tens of millions of microcapsules, each containing a negatively charged white pigment and a positively charged black pigment, according to Engadget.com.

According to the setting, an electrical charge applied to the substance causes the white or black pigment in the microcapsules to come on top of the microcapsules and therefore the color of the car changes instantly.

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