There is a growing trend of online shopping at home rather than shopping at the market. Many have become accustomed to reading, working, and shopping online since the Corona crash last year.
In addition to the Internet access to homes, the price of smartphones has become cheaper, so online shopping has become more supportive. 

While shopping online doesn't have to be time consuming and time consuming, being connected to the internet can lead to cyber crime. That's why there are some things to consider before shopping online. By paying attention to these things, unnecessary problems can be avoided.

Use Secure Connections And Devices :

Sometimes we use cyber cafes or public Wi-Fi for online shopping which are generally unsafe.
In addition, computers used for online shopping may be connected to insecure connections. In that case, your account information, passwords, card numbers, etc. could fall into the hands of cyber criminals.
Using these details, they can steal money from your account. That's why you should install anti-virus on your smartphone, computer etc.

Always Avoid Malware : 

Malvertising is a new term. It is important to know about it. Under this, cyber criminals send fake advertisements through SMS, social media and e-mail. These ads contain very attractive offers that people will click on. In 2016, a music streaming app was the victim of malpractice. Due to which there was a problem in the data of many users.

The search engines of smartphones and computers are not secure enough to prevent malware. But Google has recently released a number of security updates for its web and mobile browsers. Ad blocker app or software can be installed on computer or mobile to avoid malware.

Way of Scam Through E-mail / SMS :

According to many cyber security researchers, during the festive season, cybercriminals send e-mails and SMSes to people with a variety of offers. These emails look exactly like a shopping website.
Emails that come in this way are redirected to a fake shopping website after clicking. Bank card details are required for shopping on those sites. There is a strong possibility that the account will be hacked.

Always Keep an Eye on Credit Card And Bank Accounts

Many of us are not paying much attention to our bank account and its statements.
We don't know how many times money has been deducted from our account. Similarly, e-mails and SMS sent by the bank have not received much attention. In this case, it is wise to keep an eye on your credit card and bank account statements from time to time. Fraud can be avoided by immediately reporting to the bank if any new transaction or amount has been deducted.

Only Run Secure Websites And Apps on Your Mobile And Computer :

Make sure that the web address of the e-commerce website used for online shopping does not start with https. Generally: Websites starting with https are considered secure.
Such websites use TLS / SSL (Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. These encryptions secure the transactions on the website.

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