Xiaomi had organized a publicity program a few days ago. Through which the company has brought products including Xiaomi 12 smartphone lineup, MUI 13, Xiaomi Watch S One to the market. Not only was the product unveiled at the event, but Leo Jun, CEO and founder of Xiaomi also announced the company's upcoming plans. Saomi had overtaken Apple earlier this year in terms of shipping smartphones to the global market.

The company of that time had succeeded in becoming the second largest smartphone maker in the world. Now, the CEO of Xiaomi has announced that the company will become the number one smartphone brand and lead the smartphone industry in the next three years. Last November, Lu Weibning, vice president of Xiaomi Group and managing director of Redmi, made a similar statement. For this, Xiaomi will initially focus on increasing its sales in the all market.

About 70 percent of smartphones sold in China go through physical stores. Therefore, Xiaomi plans to increase the number of its stores to 30,000 in the next three years. Apple is not the only target to become the world's number one smartphone brand. Instead, it will focus on bringing products that can compete with top brands. Xiaomi has consistently emerged as the world's third largest smartphone brand.

Apple is only slightly ahead of Xiaomi. But Samsung is far ahead of both these brands. In that case, Xiaomi will improve its position in Europe, where Samsung has just lost ground. Apart from this, the market lost by Huawei due to US sanctions is also a good opportunity for Xiaomi. Only time will tell whether Xiaomi will achieve its goal in the next three years.

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