Looking at online business and internet marketing and dealing with customer, I realized that we, the friends, are a little bit more involved in online business, online employment and internet marketing. Try to tell me all these Nepali friends, of course There are also distant Nepali friends who know a lot, have made a lot of money online and are making money. This post is for those Nepali friends who want to do business online, they are confused about how this can happen.

What has become of us Nepalis is that they have not started work yet. At the beginning, they ask how the money comes. First of all, it is important to know what it is, how to do it, how to learn, how to understand, how much effort is required, or why friends ?

You see, before you start any business, it is important to know about the business, its scope, its market as well as its competitor. Then comes the matter of investment It is not possible to invest without the smallest business Then you start a business and you work hard and you will succeed accordingly. The same principle applies to online business.

Having said all this, if you want to add something here, you have to have a vision in the beginning to do any work or business or to be a successful business entrepreneur. After creating the vision, you have to create your mission so that you can reach your vision To fulfill these two, and most importantly, you need to have passion If you do anything with these three things, no one can stop you from succeeding.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground After all, what is Online Business, Online Job and Internet Marketing ?

Internet marketing refers to the promotion of any business or brand and their products and services with the help of the Internet and its tools to generate traffic or leads or, more simply, generate and sell customers. It is a very cheap and reliable way to reach the target market and the target customer. Internet marketing is also called online marketing

Nowadays internet marketing is also understood and understood as content marketing because content marketing has become the present and future of internet marketing. The main purpose of internet or content marketing is to help leads or customers, to give them some service. Some rewards in return means getting sales because internet or content marketing teaches the target customers, motivates them to do something, shows them the way and solves their problem.

Why Internet Marketing ?

1. It's affordable and most internet marketing strategies can be done for free (social media marketing) or very cheaply

2.  With Internet Marketing, you can expand your business beyond the local area to any corner of the world.

3.  Internet never sleeps. Always Opens. Even those who work at night learn your business and buy your products at a time when you have fun sleeping.

4. Internet marketing can get 3 times more customers than traditional marketing

5. You don't have to advertise on radio and TV like before, once done online is enough.

         What is the scope of internet marketing in Nepal ?

The Internet in Nepal was started by RONAST (Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology) and private company MOS (Mercantile Office Systems) in 1993. After leaving RONAST in 1994, Mercantile Communications developed the Internet professionally. At that time internet was used only for e-mail service. 

In 1995, another company providing similar email services, WORLD LINK COMMUNICATION  was started and it provided services in Kathmandu. As of 2010, only 30% of the total population in Nepal has access to the Internet.

Today only 23-30 Internet Service Providers ( Internet Service Providers) have been established in Nepal and are providing services. Today's largest ISP; Nepal Telecom (Nepal Telecommunication) has started providing internet service to people's homes, rooms, offices and offices since 2001. Now companies like Ncell, UTL, Smart Telecom have been established and are competing with NTC. As you know, according to the report of Management Information System ( MIS ) prepared by Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), 63% of the total population of Nepal now use internet. 95.62% of the population use the Internet under the range of mobile towers

Nepal Telecom has only 8.66 Million users which is 54.91% of the Nepali Internet market Ncell also has 7.41 million users which is 42.43% of the market The other users are from UTL and Smart Telecom Private ISPs have only 322,433 customers which is only 1.93% of Nepal's internet market as these ISP companies are limited to major urban areas.

As of January 20, 2018, 250 people are connected to the Internet every hour more than the previous year On an average, every day more than 6,581 new internet users are added in Nepal

Thus, with the passage of time, the use and development of the Internet in Nepal has been developing rapidly Unlike other developed countries, it is looking to be the same The government has recently signed a new agreement to bring internet from China.

As mentioned above, internet marketing is such a powerful tool that you can use it to expand your business. Now realize for yourself the scope and importance of internet marketing in Nepal and around the world This is a  marketing In developed countries, there are a lot of people who leave all their jobs, jobs and give full time to it and embrace it as a business. Not even in Nepal, there are very few.

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