Inspire Train Academy Nepal has started giving training of more than 200 courses on various subjects online. The institute, which was established about two years ago, aims to impart training on software skills and intermediate programs.

According to the company, interested students can choose courses such as Project Management, HR, Sales and Marketing, Career Development, Personal Development, Business Essentials, Administrative Skills, Supervision and Management, Microsoft Office Package, Workplace Essentials.

The courses available on the Inspire Academy website are of two main types, CPD and non-CPD. The company claims that it is useful not only for college students, NGOs and INGOs, from hotel to big corporate business employees but also for industrialists and startups. 

These training packages can be taken in individual and company packages. It is said that by enrolling through the website of Inspire Learning Academy, one can immediately enroll in the required training program. The corporate package also includes some discounts. According to the company, training has been provided to companies like Sunrise Bank, Winrak International, Gurkha Welfare.

The courses of the institute are said to be certified and accredited by world renowned institutes like Highland, ISRAM, FIMA, ISO, CPD Member, IOS. Although e-learning technology is new in Nepal, it is very popular in developed countries.

The company claims that its e-learning platform is very different from the usual online training. These courses are designed for long-term study and research by experts working in the Department of Learning and Development at Qatar Airways for many years.

At present, branches of Inspire Training Academy are operating in Nepal, Qatar, Spain, India and other countries. The youths who have worked in the field of training admin, HR, operations of Qatar Airways for 10-15 years have brought Inspire Training Academy Nepal into operation.

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