First Step your email ID or phone number on the Facebook login page. 

- Click on the 'Forgot Password' option on the login box.
 -Then comes the link to change the password in the email ID registered by the user. Click on that link.
- Create a new password and login to the account again.

Click on this link.

- Go to Find Your Account and enter your alternate email or phone number.
- Facebook sends a code via SMS or email. Based on that, enter a new email or password and login    again.

 In case of unwanted activity

Sometimes there is an activity that you are not doing while you are using Facebook. This means that someone else has access to your Facebook. To recover your account at:

- Go to Settings and Privacy and click on Settings.
- Click on Security & Login (here you can find out who else is watching your Facebook except you)

- Click on the Sea More option and click on 'Logout of All Sessions'. This will cause your account to be logged out on all devices.

- Login again by changing password

                                                Click on this link.

Click on the 'My Account Is Compromised' option under the Report Compromised Account box.
- Enter your email or phone number.
- Keep the password.
- Facebook then asks for various documents to reveal your identity. Submit your documents accordingly. After that, within a certain time, Facebook will verify the account and recover your account and give you access.

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