Alas Musk, the world's richest electric vehicle maker, has sold about 1 million cars in 2021. A report submitted by Tesla to the government on Sunday states that 936,000 cars were sold in 2021. Despite the lack of computer chips used in cars, Tesla sold 87 percent more cars than in 2020. In the last four months of the year alone, 38,600 Tesla cars were sold, according to the report. 

The number of 'Model 3' and 'Model Y' sold is nine lakh 11 thousand 208. Similarly, 24 thousand 964 models 'Model S' and 'X' have been sold. Sales are expected to pick up in 2022 after rental company Herz ordered 100,000 cars in October alone. These cars will be delivered by Tesla this year.

Despite the lack of computer chips, Tesla's best-selling cars feature electronic mechanics, auto-pilot, engine control, and touch screens. Tesla recently relocated its headquarters from California to Austin, Texas. Most of Tesla's cars are sold in Europe and China. As demand for cars grows, Tesla has opened factories in Austin, USA, and Berlin, Germany. Tesla's cars are equipped with software, which makes its journey safer.

After testing the security standards, Tesla is preparing to upgrade the software. Tesla is about to upgrade its software to prevent drivers from playing games in the event of a speeding car accident due to the convenience of playing games inside the car. The US National Highway Safety Office has expressed interest in Tesla's autopilot system, saying it needs further refinement.

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