The Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the regulatory body of the telecommunications sector, is going to build a system to prevent possible cyber attacks in the country. NEA is moving ahead with the study process to prepare the necessary infrastructure to prevent possible cyber attacks from national and international levels. For that, the authority has issued a notice on Monday and demanded a letter of intent from the consulting service providers. Interested companies can apply for 15 days till 12 noon on January 9.  

The best company will be selected from the applications received during this period and the company will be given the task of studying the resources, infrastructure and cost required to build the system. NEA has stated that this process has been taken forward keeping in view the increasing number of cyber attacks in Nepal recently. "The study will cover both international internet gateways and domestic (national) networks," said Vijay Kumar Roy, director of the authority.

According to him, the network service providers have been keeping internet gateways when bringing in internet from outside, but they have not paid attention to the possible risks. With the bandwidth coming from outside, viruses and attacks also enter. Stating that there could be weakness even within such a network, he said, "In some cases, proxy attacks are taking place in Nepal." This means that the attack is actually being carried out from within Nepal, but it seems that it is being carried out from China and Russia.

 It is necessary to protect the national infrastructure from such incidents. It is designed to study the resources and infrastructure required for this. 'Roy says that this will help the NEA to decide whether to invest in this project or not.

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