Vodafone has delayed the reintroduction of roaming charges in Europe by three weeks.
The phone network had planned to start post-Brexit roaming charges from January 6, but said the service would be launched by the end of January as more testing time was needed.
Similarly, another telecom service provider EE has also delayed re-imposing roaming charges. The EE service, which is scheduled to start in January, has been postponed to next March.
Before the UK seceded from the EU, users could access their calls, messages and data in any of the EU countries. But the EU's trade agreement in December 2020 allows mobile service providers to re-impose roaming charges. The Three Network also plans to introduce roaming charges between the UK and Europe by May 2022, according to the BBC.

This means that all major networks except O2 plan to impose roaming charges. O2 has not yet commented on the matter. Regarding the delay in this service, Vodafone said that it was not ready to bring a new system.

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