Before the dominance of iPhone and Android smartphones, BlackBerry dominated as a popular and leading phone brand. Now the company's power in the smartphone market is slowly declining.The company recently announced that it is going to stop supporting all its classic smartphone models. This means that any user using the BlackBerry Classic smartphone today will no longer be able to use it.

The BlackBerry phone brand has announced that it will stop supporting all of the company's classic smartphones running on BlackBerry OS or BB10 OS. BlackBerry Classic smartphone users will lose all features like calling, access to data, SMS and then emergency access to the device after the company's official support is discontinued.

This support will be discontinued on these models from January 4, 2022. This new rule will only apply to BlackBerry's classic smartphones. On the other hand, smartphones running BlackBerry's Android operating system can still be used. Therefore, existing users of BlackBerry Classic smartphones should back up data to their phones before January 4 and switch to a new smartphone immediately.

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