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रंग उँडेको घाम -एक [ अनुप जोशी ]

When I was born
He was already borned
We got colourised by the Sun
In the world of science , We
learned that the Sun is a star
and the Star dies a day
Accidently , he died .
People say I have been
too old now , and believe
I'm approaching towards the Death
but still sun reappears every morning
and I can see it rising .

जब म जन्मिएँ
ऊ जन्मिसकेको थियो
हामी घामले रंगीयौँ
विज्ञानको संसारभित्र हामीले पढ्यौँ
कि घाम यौटा तारा हो
र एक दिन तारा मरिजान्छ
दुर्घटनावश , ऊ मर्यो ।
मान्छेहरु भन्छन् म धेरै बुढो भैसेकेँ
र म मृत्यु निकट दुगुर्दैछु
तर अझै विहानीमा घाम पुन: देखिन्छ
र म त्यो उदाएको हेर्न सक्छु ।
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